Holiday Flexible Scheduling That Works for Your Business

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In the last YES! Your Human Resources Solution blog, we talked about how to keep your employees motivated during the holiday season. Have you been working on your communication and celebration, while drinking that eggnog in moderation? If you’ve got those down, let’s look at the next step: flexible scheduling. Your employees will love the trust and control they get from a flexible schedule over the holidays, which will allow them to destress and spend more time with their loved ones. But there are a few things to remember from the business side of things. (more…)

Shine Like a Star at Your Next Video Interview

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Shine Video Star Job Interview

December 2017’s Orange County Business Journal features the latest YES! Your Human Resources Solution article, which discusses how to prepare for a video interview. Jocelyn Schamber of Fuzzy Red Pen Copywriting guests.

Your big promotion is just around the corner—all you must do is impress the interview panel. And they’ll be watching your every wiggle and brow wipe through video conference. How should you prepare for your on-screen debut?

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How to Motivate Your Employees During the Holidays

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December has arrived, and with it comes office holiday decorations, party plans, and visions of sugarplums dancing in just about everybody’s head. And let’s face it—the desk doldrums just can’t compete with the shiny appeal of snowflakes and tinsel. But finishing the year strong is important to any business’s productivity! So how can you keep your employees engaged during the holiday season? (more…)

How Your Family Thanksgiving Is an Exercise in Human Resources

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Are you roasting, brining, or enlisting Whole Foods to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey? If you don’t know yet, think fast—that big 4-day weekend is just around the corner. And while most people think about stuffing and shopping, we can’t help but notice how Human Resources sneaks in to dinner planning. See, a Thanksgiving get-together is secretly an exercise in talent management and strategic planning. (more…)

Why You Should Give Thanks at Work Beyond Thanksgiving

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Time and again, we say it—employees love to feel appreciated! Appreciation is one of the most powerful tools in your workplace arsenal, as appreciated employees are great for a company; they are happier, more productive, and stay longer. So how can you create a culture of thankfulness beyond Thanksgiving? (more…)

Use These 5 Phrases to Negotiate the Salary You’re Worth

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Nobody likes salary negotiations. They make everyone dance the “will they” or “won’t they” waltz at the end of a long hiring soirée. And as a potential employee, you might be tempted to take the first offer so you can hang up your dancing shoes and call it a night. But wait! You can give your tired tootsies a break and still negotiate the rest of the dance with these carefully crafted words. (more…)

Quick and Easy Ways to Promote Employee Wellness

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How are holiday decorations already next to the jack-o’-lanterns at Costco?! Everyone seems to be thinking about—and stressing about—the winter holidays earlier each year. And that’s on top of the daily stress we already feel! Among working Americans, three-quarters of us regularly experience psychological and/or physical symptoms of workplace stress. This stress makes us fight with our loved ones, lie awake at night, and just plain feel burned out. Pile on holiday pressures, and we’re in for a season of stress! (more…)

How to Attract Top Talent at Less Than Top Dollar

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While most job-seekers want a stellar salary and compensation, it’s not the top reason why most people choose one job over another–and it’s certainly not what makes them stay. That’s great news for smaller companies that can’t afford to pay the big bucks. But what can you do to stay competitive? (more…)

How to Prepare for a Video Interview

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It’s time for your big interview! Yes, that promotion is just around the corner—all you have to do is ace this next step. It’s not like you haven’t interviewed before, right? But this one is different. You’re in Orange County, and the interview panel is in Atlanta. And they’re watching your every smile, hand gesture, and brow wipe through video chat. (more…)

How to Spice Up Your Dusty Old Job Descriptions

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The bad news is, after 30 years with the company, your VP of Operations is retiring at the end of the year. So you’d better start looking for a replacement, and fast! But do you even know what you’re looking for? Your VP has been in the position since the Reagan era, and nobody remembers what the position looked like before that. It’s up to you to investigate: What is the position supposed to do? What does your current VP actually do? What type of candidate will fit best? …because you have to write the job description that will nab your next 30-year VP. (more…)