What You Can (Legally) Do When an Employee Calls Out Sick

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Is the office looking a little emptier this flu season? We hope that’s because you listened to our advice for getting sick employees to stay home, but there is no denying that flu cases are on the rise across the nation. If you’re the boss, you may find yourself managing a skeleton crew of healthy employees. And that stress may leave you wanting to launch an inquisition into every sick employee. But hold on, Don Quixote—before you go tilting at windmills, let’s double-check what information bosses are allowed to get from employees who call out sick. (more…)

Scary Flu Season: Why Your Sick Employees Are Still Coming to Work

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This year’s flu is scary. Officials at the CDC are calling it a “severe year,” and with flu activity still increasing across most of the nation, the worst is yet to come. Workers everywhere cringe to hear a cough or sniffle echo through the office. Why would a sick person come to work during a difficult flu season—or any season—when each shared meeting or touched coffee pot draws attention to their pestilential presence? (more…)

Can Freelance Workers Save Your Business Money?

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At YES! Your Human Resources Solution, we understand that a balanced workforce is key to any business’s success. Is your staffing efficient? Check in regularly with this angle: Does your company have enough staff, too much, or too little? Are they the right kind of employees for the work? Can you streamline your staffing costs? One solution may help you find the right staff at the right cost: freelance workers. (more…)

Why You Should Fail at Something Today

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If you failed at something today, good for you!

“Wait—isn’t failure a bad thing?” you ask. We say, “Absolutely not. And try not to look so surprised.” (more…)

The Cybersecurity Your Company Needs to Teach Now

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Spectre, Meltdown, WannaCry—oh my! Today’s computer security is about so much more than avoiding suspicious email attachments that could contain a virus or a worm (remember ILOVEYOU?). Now there’s ransomware, spyware, phishing, pharming, spoofing, hacking, phreaking—these may sound like 80s dance moves, but each is a unique security threat to your company’s network, coupled with now serious and widespread processor security flaws impacting computers, tablets, and smartphones everywhere. (more…)

How to Run a Meeting That Values Everyone’s Time

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What do we want? MORE TIME! When do we want it? NOW! We see that most clearly as we move into a new year.

Reflection on 2017 shows us where our time went (work, kids, binge-watching Stranger Things) and where it didn’t go, but we wanted it to (exercise, learning Japanese, cleaning out the garage). There’s never enough time to check everything off the to-do list, especially at work. And the only thing more painful than not having enough time is helplessly watching as your precious time is wasted. For 2018, let’s tackle a huge time-waster for many employees: unnecessary meetings, which are bad for morale, bad for productivity, and if you’re the one holding the meeting, bad for your image. (more…)

Intentionally Steer Your Career in 2018

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With Santa about to steer his sleigh all over the world in the course of a few hours, surely we can set a goal to intentionally steer our careers in the new year. Resolving to take care of your career in 2018 can bring long-lasting, life-changing results, maybe even more than those personal resolutions that a quarter of us will break in the first week. (more…)

5 Unprofessional Habits to Kick in 2018

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As we put a bow on 2017, many of you are already wondering how you can give your professional life a boost in the new year. You’ve taken the trainings and learned the programs, but have you examined your soft skills? Your professional presence matters to your career as much as (if not more than) your hard skills. Are you making these small but critical professional mistakes that could be hurting your career advancement? (more…)

Holiday Flexible Scheduling That Works for Your Business

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In the last YES! Your Human Resources Solution blog, we talked about how to keep your employees motivated during the holiday season. Have you been working on your communication and celebration, while drinking that eggnog in moderation? If you’ve got those down, let’s look at the next step: flexible scheduling. Your employees will love the trust and control they get from a flexible schedule over the holidays, which will allow them to destress and spend more time with their loved ones. But there are a few things to remember from the business side of things. (more…)

Shine Like a Star at Your Next Video Interview

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Shine Video Star Job Interview

December 2017’s Orange County Business Journal features the latest YES! Your Human Resources Solution article, which discusses how to prepare for a video interview. Jocelyn Schamber of Fuzzy Red Pen Copywriting guests.

Your big promotion is just around the corner—all you must do is impress the interview panel. And they’ll be watching your every wiggle and brow wipe through video conference. How should you prepare for your on-screen debut?

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