Quick and Easy Ways to Promote Employee Wellness

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How are holiday decorations already next to the jack-o’-lanterns at Costco?! Everyone seems to be thinking about—and stressing about—the winter holidays earlier each year. And that’s on top of the daily stress we already feel! Among working Americans, three-quarters of us regularly experience psychological and/or physical symptoms of workplace stress. This stress makes us fight with our loved ones, lie awake at night, and just plain feel burned out. Pile on holiday pressures, and we’re in for a season of stress! (more…)

How to Survive a Bad Work Week

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Are you having a week you just wish would end? Whether it’s a sweat-inducing deadline, a missed promotion, or another clash with that coworker, we all have weeks concocted from the very bowels of Hades—ones that cost us our sleep and sanity. But take heart! The week will end, and these four tips can help you ride it out. (more…)

Keep Your Resolution to Live Healthier (at Work!)

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Year after year, the most popular New Year’s resolutions are about improving health: losing weight, exercising, eating better, stopping smoking, and so on. The same people making the same resolutions year after year can only mean they didn’t meet their goals from the last new year, and it’s easy to get off course with all of life’s other commitments and distractions. There are only so many hours in the day, and who wants to go to the gym after a 10-hour workday? (more…)

Don’t Work During Your Holiday Vacation!

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It’s almost here—your holiday vacation time! Maybe you’re heating up the oven to bake cookies. Maybe you’re gearing up to enjoy some fresh powder. Maybe you’re queuing up A Christmas Story to watch with your children or grandchildren. Whatever your holiday activity of choice, this vacation time is important for you to stay healthy and refreshed! And to fully enjoy your time away, you need to truly step away from work! And that’s so hard to do in this age of remote access. (more…)

Tips to Lessen Holiday Stress at Work

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Forget “peace on Earth”—for good stress and bad, the holiday season is stressful! There are presents to wrap, decorations to hang, and family to host. And employees bring all of this stress to work, where there are year-end deadlines to meet and vacations to cover. When stress is coming from all angles, even simple, well-meaning activities like gift exchanges and cookie contests can feel like one more burden to bear—one more burden that can make employees more frazzled and less productive. (more…)

Holiday Hooky: Flu or Fake?

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Tis the season for a curious correlation: Christmas music in the mall and employees calling in sick. After all, who doesn’t want more time off around the holidays? And people will fake sickness to get it—like the 9 percent who are decorating, the 76 percent who are spending time with loved ones, or the 12 percent who actually are listening to the Christmas music in the mall while holiday shopping. (more…)

Employee Wellness Beats Holiday Love Handles

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We don’t all plan to overeat on Thanksgiving. But between the cranberries, candied yams, and piles of stuffing, Thanksgiving dinner tends to loosen our belts a few notches. People typically put on 1–3 pounds in the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, in many cases permanently. So while we give ourselves the gift of love handles, our Human Resources superheroes can give the gift of employee wellness programs to fend off—or at least prepare for—the holiday bulge. (more…)

How to Truly Vacation From Work

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The weather is warm, the kids are out of school, and the time is ripe for that summer vacation you’ve dreamed about all year long . . . a chance to really leave the office. And that is so hard to do these days. Most of us work while we’re on vacation, and just about all of us return to a backlog so nightmarish, the very thought of it keeps one-third of all workers from even taking vacation.

Vacations are important to stay healthy and refreshed. And that means totally disconnecting from work when you’re away. The office will function without you! (It may not function as well, but trust us, the company will not collapse in two weeks.) The key is to deploy your colleagues as your informed backup squad. (more…)

What Can a Boss Ask Employees Who Call In Sick?

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Seeing more empty office chairs this flu season? Flu cases are quickly increasing across the country, both of seasonal flu and swine flu, with further increases expected in the weeks ahead. So as the boss, if you’re not home sick with the flu too, you may be stuck managing a skeleton crew of healthy employees. This in itself is challenging, and may have you wanting to challenge your employees who take sick days. So now is a good time to double-check what information bosses are allowed to ask their employees who call in sick. (more…)

5 Ways to Live Healthier at Work

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2016’s top New Year’s resolutions: 41.1 percent of you want to live a healthier lifestyle, and 39.6 percent of you want to lose weight (according to this survey). Surprised? Neither were we. When the ball drops in Times Square, these same self-improvement goals crop up year after year. This can only mean these resolution-makers didn’t meet their goals the year before. And who can blame them? It’s tough to find energy for the gym after a full day’s work. It’s hard to pack a healthy lunch and get two kids to school on time. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. (more…)