Are You an Annoying LinkedIn User?

Posted by Kathi Guiney on March 22, 2017, Guidelines and Etiquette | No Comments

You’ve got this professional networking thing down! You’re linking in, sending connection requests, and keeping your profile current at every turn. But there’s something wrong, here. You may know not to trash your boss or post photos of your puppy or your gluten-free snacks, but do you know what you should be doing on LinkedIn? (more…)

Office Holiday Gift-Giving Etiquette

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The holidays can be a sticky time of year, and not just from eating sugar cookies! Even stickier: holiday gift-giving around the office, where your graciousness can directly impact your professional reputation. Should you gift a nice gift—or any gift—to your boss? What about your staff? Does every one of your coworkers deserve a Starbucks gift card, even if it means blowing through your holiday bonus? And what about all those vendors? (more…)

Six-Time Rewind: How to Leave Courteous Voicemails

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This is the sixth—sixth—time you are rewinding your voicemail to try to make out this woman’s name, and darn if you aren’t getting any closer. Did she say Kelly or Callie . . . Carrie? Judging from the gouges in your notepad, you may be getting farther away. I don’t leave messages like these, do I? you think. Just in case, you resolve to over-enunciate every syllable of your name in every voicemail hereafter. You shouldn’t have to call back with a tentative, “Um, hi,” or the always popular, “Someone left me a message but I couldn’t make out the name.” That would just be uncomfortable. Great, now you’re anxious and it’s all her fault. If her name is so easy to confuse, why doesn’t she speak it clearly? Does she want to embarrass people? (more…)

Six Tips to Better Business Email Etiquette

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Food emoji. Textspeak. More exclamation points than the latest kitten meme. Business communications aren’t written “Dear Sirs” in full block on a typewriter anymore, but certain standards still apply when writing professional email. (more…)

Avoid a Fright at the Office Halloween Party

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Cool breezes, autumn leaves, and those funny-shaped gourds in crates at the grocery store? That must mean it’s October! And with the arrival of all things autumnal comes the mysterious cobwebs, ghosts, and jack-o-lanterns springing up around the office. It’s no surprise Halloween creeps into the workplace: two out of three Americans partake in Halloween activities, and Americans rank Halloween as their third-favorite holiday right behind powerhouses Christmas and Thanksgiving. Consumer Halloween spending went up to $7.4 billion last year on everything from costumes to candies to decorations—some of those undoubtedly used for office Halloween parties. (more…)

How to Be Professional and Full of Personality

Posted by Kathi Guiney on June 18, 2014, Guidelines and Etiquette | 1 Comment

Professional: exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace


Thanks, Merriam-Webster, for that forensic definition of what it means to be professional in the workplace. Note that nowhere in that definition does it say, “boring,” “conformist,” or “automaton-like.” Then where do young workers, especially those of you just graduating college and stepping into your first “career” jobs, get the misconception that being professional means being a corporate robot programmed only to think, perform, and discuss work?


How Employee Respectfulness Impacts the Workplace

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Just like Aretha sang in her iconic song, we at YES! Your Human Resources Solution are about to tell you what R‑E‑S‑P‑E‑C‑T means to us here in the business world. (more…)

Tips on Office Gift-Giving

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Ah, the holiday season in the office.  It’s a cherished time to tack paper snowflakes to the walls and drape faux fir swags across cubicles.  It’s a time for Burl Ives music and chocolate chip cookies.  It’s a time for personal conversations and warm and fuzzy feelings all around.  It may even be a time for gift-giving between coworkers.  It’s that easy, right? (more…)