What to Consider in Your Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy

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“Technology creep” is all around us these days: a pause in a conversation, and someone is checking their phone. It’s happening in business, too: employees check their phones and even write text messages during meetings, sometimes to other people at the table! Technology has come so far as to remotely access employer resources, that maintaining a separate work-only device has gone the way of the dodo. Employees want to manage their lives from one device—the one they bought themselves. And while this can be great for lowering costs and raising morale, it can also introduce a multitude of concerns when an employee uses their personal device for company business. (more…)

5 HR Policies That Treat Employees Like High-Schoolers

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Most Americans enter the workforce when they’re adults, or very nearly. And as adults, they are capable of committing to a job, working responsibly, and relying on their own decision-making. In short, they are able and trustworthy team members. You wouldn’t have chosen them if they weren’t! So why do so many companies cling to HR policies that treat their employees like high-schoolers? (more…)

Should Your Office Have a Dress Code?

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Is Friday’s business casual turning into a business casualty? The right dress code can work wonders for a business’s productivity and professionalism: a “dress for success” code. But the wrong dress code—or any dress code—can destroy employee morale. How can you tell if a dress code might do more harm than good? Check out our list of dress code pros and cons. (more…)

Office Romances: Not All Flowers and Candy!

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With Valentine’s Day coming soon, you might expect to see desks littered with oversize floral explosions and bright boxes of candy—but you might not expect that some of those tender tributes were exchanged by your coworkers. See, office romances that were taboo even a decade ago are now quite common; a recent CareerBuilder survey found that 37 percent of employees have dated a coworker, and 30 percent of those relationships led to marriage. And while these office romances build watercooler buzz, they can also build challenges for the Human Resources Department—especially in companies without a written policy on workplace relationships. (more…)

Avoid a Fright at the Office Halloween Party

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Cool breezes, autumn leaves, and those funny-shaped gourds in crates at the grocery store? That must mean it’s October! And with the arrival of all things autumnal comes the mysterious cobwebs, ghosts, and jack-o-lanterns springing up around the office. It’s no surprise Halloween creeps into the workplace: two out of three Americans partake in Halloween activities, and Americans rank Halloween as their third-favorite holiday right behind powerhouses Christmas and Thanksgiving. Consumer Halloween spending went up to $7.4 billion last year on everything from costumes to candies to decorations—some of those undoubtedly used for office Halloween parties. (more…)

Pay and Promotion Policies That Make Your Company Look Bad

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At YES! Your Human Resources Solution, we know that from products to policies, every detail about your company reflects its brand: the expectations people have when they think of your company.  Your employees also speak strongly to your brand, as they are the faces of your company that interact with customers, vendors, and even people on the street.  They can be your brand’s greatest ambassadors or its worst enemies.  And few things are liable to turn loyal employees into bitter adversaries than unfair or arbitrary pay and promotion policies. (more…)

Feeling Watched? Expectations of Privacy on a Company Computer

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When it comes to what you do on your work computer, Rockwell had it right 20 years ago when he sang, “I always feel like somebody’s watching me.”  Go ahead and hum a few bars of that 80s classic next time you log in to your work computer.  It will provide a pause before you use your work computer for online Christmas shopping or for catching the latest gossip on The Hunger Games.  Let that pause be a reminder that most activity you do on your office computer is reviewable by eyes at your company.  (The company does own the computer you’re using and the server you’re accessing, after all.)  And this idea doesn’t stop at web browsing—it extends to the messages you send from your work-based email account, and, depending on your company’s electronic communications policy, it can also extend to your personal email account or your personal laptop. (more…)

How Prepared Is Your Business to Handle Employee Absences?

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School is winding down and the weather is heating up—that must mean summer is upon us. And while we at YES! Your Human Resources Solution look forward to these warm summer months, in this blog entry we stop to remember that no business office is immune to employees struck down by summer colds! Although some say summer colds are particularly nasty, summer is hardly the height of cold and flu season, which makes it a great time to examine sick leave policies and ways to mitigate the consequences of employee absences. (more…)

The Skinny on Employer-Provided Work Wear

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You don’t have to be a firefighter or a medical worker to wear a uniform on the job.  These days, uniforms are appropriate in almost any business environment.  In the office, this typically means a less formal take on employer-provided work wear, such as a logo-embroidered polo shirt or a screen-printed tee.  But how can you decide if introducing this sort of dress is the right choice for your
office? (more…)

ARM Yourself Against the Horde With a YES! HR Consultant

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The zombie apocalypse is coming, and the advancing horde is hungry for your employees.

…OK, so your employees won’t really be whisked away by reanimated corpses craving human flesh.  But it’s only a slightly less scary thought that a changing job market is poised to whisk away your employees to other job opportunities, ready to rip a gaping hole in your staffing (and your business’ bottom line).  So how can you combat this impending carnage? (more…)