Feeling Watched? Expectations of Privacy on a Company Computer

Posted by Kathi Guiney on November 20, 2013, Employee Handbook | No Comments

When it comes to what you do on your work computer, Rockwell had it right 20 years ago when he sang, “I always feel like somebody’s watching me.”  Go ahead and hum a few bars of that 80s classic next time you log in to your work computer.  It will provide a pause before you use your work computer for online Christmas shopping or for catching the latest gossip on The Hunger Games.  Let that pause be a reminder that most activity you do on your office computer is reviewable by eyes at your company.  (The company does own the computer you’re using and the server you’re accessing, after all.)  And this idea doesn’t stop at web browsing—it extends to the messages you send from your work-based email account, and, depending on your company’s electronic communications policy, it can also extend to your personal email account or your personal laptop. (more…)

Employee Handbook Essentials

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When properly prepared, the employee handbook should be a critical communication tool between your business and its employees.  Consistent policies are important to risk management  and will also promote a more harmonious work environment.  To provide the best guidance, your handbook should explain your business’ expectations of its employees and establish what your employees can expect from the business. (more…)

American Handbook Horror Story

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Is your employee handbook looking more like an episode of American Horror StoryInconsistencies, jargon, pedantries, and other nasties can be hiding in your employee handbook, especially if the handbook hasn’t been updated since the Prohibition Era.And what’s worse—like American Horror Story, these ghosts of handbooks past could be lurking right under your nose, ready to wreak havoc at a moment’s notice. (more…)

Does Your Employee Handbook Need a Face-lift?

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Quick—pick up your employee handbook and flip to the section on dress code.  Do you see guidelines on platform shoes on neon jumpsuits?  If so, your handbook—although groovy—needs to come into the new millennium.  Older handbooks won’t only contain dated office policies, but they will lack key legislative changes, such as the Americans With Disabilities Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, and electronic and social media usage.  Relying on an out-of-date handbook is a legal risk your business can easily avoid. (more…)