4 Tips for an Effective Skip-Level Meeting

Posted by Kathi Guiney on February 22, 2017, Management Issues | No Comments

As an organizational leader, it’s easy to get caught up in high-level activities and lose sight of what’s happening at the ground level. What are you missing from on high? A skip-level meeting can help you find out. (more…)

Bosses: Is Your Behavior Making Your Employees Quit?

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In the last YES! Your Human Resources Solution blog, we taught you How to Talk About Your Bad Boss in a Job Interview. Half of us have quit a job just to get away from a boss we couldn’t handle anymore. If you’re in a supervisory role, right about now you might be thinking, Is that me? (more…)

4 Etiquette Tips for More Productive Meetings

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We waste a lot of time in meetings—so much that half of all business meetings are considered a waste of time. The most common complaints of meetings as time sucks: they don’t yield definitive results, the attendees are poorly prepared, and the process is disorganized. And in this go-go-go work age when all time is precious, people turn to missing meetings, doing other work during meetings, and even daydreaming during meetings. All told, these unnecessary meetings cost U.S. businesses $37 billion each year. And they’re happening in your office right now. (more…)

5 Tips to Run an Effective Meeting (That Values Everyone’s Time)

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The only thing more painful than sitting through an ineffective, even unnecessary meeting, is running one. Bad meetings are bad for morale, bad for productivity, and bad for your image. (And remember, you’re already working against the popular employee view of meetings as a time suck.) So what can you do to ensure your next meeting is a shining success? (more…)

Why Seating Matters at Your Next Business Meeting

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Seating arrangements matter.  Don’t believe us?  Let’s think back a bit to the time when…

…you were forced to sit next to Gross George for all 180 excruciating days of the third grade.

…you made a new networking contact on that flight to Denver.

…you missed that cute girl across the table, because she was eclipsed by a mile-high floral explosion.

…you could actually catch the sweat flying off the lead singer at that heavy metal concert.

See?  Seating does matter!  It has the power to shape your perception of an experience and what you get out of it. (more…)