Use These 5 Phrases to Negotiate the Salary You’re Worth

Posted by Kathi Guiney on November 2, 2017, Salary and Compensation | No Comments

Nobody likes salary negotiations. They make everyone dance the “will they” or “won’t they” waltz at the end of a long hiring soirée. And as a potential employee, you might be tempted to take the first offer so you can hang up your dancing shoes and call it a night. But wait! You can give your tired tootsies a break and still negotiate the rest of the dance with these carefully crafted words. (more…)

Get Paid What You’re Worth in 2017

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Ever wonder if you’re worth more than your paycheck indicates? We’ve probably all thought this at one time or another. But if you know you’re underpaid—or naggingly suspect you are—2017 is the time to take charge to get paid your worth, whether it’s when accepting a new job or asking for a raise. (more…)

The Whys and Hows of Negotiating Salary

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When it comes to negotiating salary, employees are zipping their lips. Recent research from Glassdoor found that 59 percent of American workers did not negotiate the salary in their most recent job. More than half the men and two-thirds of the women surveyed didn’t even attempt it! So over half of American employees are leaving money on the table, which can have lifelong implications on their careers. (more…)

Pay and Promotion Policies That Make Your Company Look Bad

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At YES! Your Human Resources Solution, we know that from products to policies, every detail about your company reflects its brand: the expectations people have when they think of your company.  Your employees also speak strongly to your brand, as they are the faces of your company that interact with customers, vendors, and even people on the street.  They can be your brand’s greatest ambassadors or its worst enemies.  And few things are liable to turn loyal employees into bitter adversaries than unfair or arbitrary pay and promotion policies. (more…)

What That Salary Increase Is Really Saying

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Money talks, and it doesn’t always say what we mean it to.

Take performance review time.  Palms sweat, hearts race, and one thought runs through the mind of the employee in the hot seat: “What’s my salary increase?”  We’ve all been in that anxious place, but as managers, we sometimes lose sight of how much salary increases mean to our employees.  Many work the entire year for that one moment that defines their worth to the company.  Or does it? (more…)

The Salary Dilemma: Is It Better to Know or Not to Know?

Posted by Kathi Guiney on June 15, 2011, Management Issues | 1 Comment

The salary scandal involving administration officials for the city of Bell has created quite a stir in California.  Now the legislature, the governor’s office, the League of California Cities, and many citizens are demanding disclosure of salaries paid to public sector employees.  What does this spotlight mean for private employees?  Would your employees be more or less motivated if they knew what all of their coworkers earned?