How to Keep Your Job Search a Secret

Posted by Kathi Guiney on August 5, 2015, Summer Employment | No Comments

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to advance your career. Then why does it feel like you’re cheating on your employer when you’re looking for work? That feeling could come from having to keep your job search a secret from the boss and coworkers you see every day. And changing jobs is a pretty big secret. But you can minimize that cheating feeling by searching in a way that’s honest and won’t get you in hot water. (more…)

Make Your Summer Job Search Sizzle

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In the last YES! Your Human Resources Solution blog, we talked about how recent college graduates can use this summer to polish their professionalism before starting their fall jobs. But what about you recent graduates who haven’t locked down a job just yet? You may not know it, but you already have a full-time job this summer: searching for a job. You report to your laptop every day at 8 a.m., to spend your workdays seeking and preparing for your next great job opportunity. A good job search often takes some time and leads down unexpected avenues, and all those twists and turns can be as frustrating as they are exciting. To get the most from the journey, check out these top tips for making your summer job search sizzle: (more…)

College Graduates: Polish Your Professionalism This Summer

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Hey, 2014 graduate WITH a full-time job already lined up! For starters: congratulations. You have been fortunate to leave college with a degree as well as a steady salary and benefits, which you will enjoy once you report to work in the fall. You’re not going to be part of the 8.5 percent of your peers who are unemployed, or the 16.8 percent who are underemployed. But your impending good fortune doesn’t mean you should put off thinking about your new career until your first day at work. You can use this summer to make yourself a more desirable employee come autumn—you can bet your unemployed and underemployed peers are! (more…)

Make Your Business Sizzle This Summer

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Feeling the heat this summer?  As this summer’s largest heat wave continues to scorch the nation with no relief in sight, people everywhere are planning getaways to warm water and cool breezes.  And for those of us who can’t sneak away to a tropical paradise, we’re devising ways to make the summer weather more bearable.  When the forecast says 90 degrees and humid, it might not seem so bad to be sitting at a desk in an air-conditioned office. (more…)

How to Curb Summer Employment Concerns

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In a previous blog, we talked about the unique challenges that time-off requests can present during the summer months.  But as many managers and HR professionals know, scheduling isn’t the only employment issue that crops up during the warm weather! (more…)