How Your Family Thanksgiving Is an Exercise in Human Resources

Posted by Kathi Guiney on November 15, 2017, Talent Management and Workforce Planning | No Comments

Are you roasting, brining, or enlisting Whole Foods to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey? If you don’t know yet, think fast—that big 4-day weekend is just around the corner. And while most people think about stuffing and shopping, we can’t help but notice how Human Resources sneaks in to dinner planning. See, a Thanksgiving get-together is secretly an exercise in talent management and strategic planning. (more…)

3 Things Baby Boomers Can Learn From Millennial Workers

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In last month’s YES! Your Human Resources Solution blog, we talked about how to teach soft skills to millennial workers, who seem to need this instruction more than their older or international counterparts. But that’s not to say millennial employees are all bad! (more…)

5 Teams Your Company Needs Now

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Whether long-term or singularly purposed, successful work teams effect positive change and build teamwork within the organization. With the right balance of teams, your employees can thrive together and as individuals, and can better support customers. If you’re thinking about setting up long-term work teams, you’ll want to ensure each team includes a diverse group of employees that can meet regularly to work toward the team’s goals. You’ll also want to make sure those goals are set and reviewed within a specified time frame, such as quarterly or bi-annually. (more…)

5 Signs of Job Security (To Put Your Employees at Ease)

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We all worry about job security, especially during times of economic flux. But it doesn’t help your employees’ job performance (or their health) to worry needlessly; they’re on the lookout for the telltale signs that often appear as harbingers of a job in jeopardy. But are your employees properly interpreting the signs you’re sending? Know what appears as a red flag when it comes to job security, and make sure you’re sending the right signals. (more…)

How to Manage Less-Than-Perfect Employees

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Imagine a world where employees arrive exactly on time every day.  Where every word of every e-mail is spelled correctly.  Where every calculation is perfect.  Where the coffee is never burned.

Of course, this scenario is spot-on if we’re dealing with a robotic workforce, but chances are your company employs real—and real fallible—human beings.  They’ll wander in 15 minutes late, they’ll forget to follow up on an e-mail, and they’ll burn the break room coffee.  They’ll make mistakes that frustrate coworkers and clients, and that may even jeopardize company security.  And while it’s easy to overlook the occasional tardy arrival or forgotten e-mail, you’ll probably need to address employees who are making a lot of mistakes.  But we have good news for you managers who dread disciplining employees: you can skip the chastisement and warnings in favor of education and remediation. (more…)

The Win/Win of Staff Development

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Staff development should be a critical part of any business plan.  Is it part of yours?

A strong staff development plan is mutually beneficial to a company and its employees.  Professional development helps employees to feel fulfilled and valued.  Fulfilled and valued employees tend to have higher morale, productivity, and loyalty, which equals increased employee retention—and saves the company time and money.  Investing in employee development also creates well-rounded workers who can contribute more to their positions and to overall business function. (more…)

What You Need to Know About Hiring Summer Interns

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Whoosh.  This curious sound descends upon businesses at the end of the Spring Semester, when a throng of high school and college students rush for coveted summer internships.  And why shouldn’t your business open its doors for this whirlwind?  Summer interns are the win/win of the workforce, giving much-needed experience to interns and providing cheap labor to businesses.  Notice we didn’t say “free” labor— a common misconception in the world of Human Resources. (more…)

Are Freelance Workers Right for Your Business?

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Here at YES! Your Human Resources Solution, we understand these tough economic times can drive companies to review their staffing efficiencies.  Important questions to ask include, Does your company have enough staff?  Too much?  The right kind of employees?  Is there a way to streamline the cost of the employees you do have? (more…)

A Very Human Resources Thanksgiving

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Whether you’re frying, brining, or roasting, are you ready to prepare a Thanksgiving turkey next Thursday?  If your heart just skipped a beat, you’re not alone—the holiday snuck up on us, too.  And like you, we love to spend time dreaming of green-bean casserole and Black Friday shopping.  But we’re probably the only ones with Human Resources on the brain during this stomach-centered holiday.  The truth is, a well-executed Thanksgiving dinner can provide valuable lessons in HR management! (more…)