5 Forgotten Gems for a Well-Rounded Resume

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Long gone are the days when resumes needed to be under one page. Unless you’re just starting out in the professional world, your resume can and should span two pages, even three at the executive level, so breathe and give yourself some extra space. In an effort to be concise, many job-seekers get tunnel vision and focus only on their daily 9–5 and their college degree. They forget about all the amazing experience and achievements they earned outside the office walls! (more…)

Non-Party Office Halloween Traditions

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In the last YES! Your Human Resources Solutionblog, we talked about how to throw a fun, safe, and professional Halloween party that won’t send your HR team into a tizzy. This week we’re going to continue with the spirit of the season and explore other Halloween traditions that foster motivation and teamwork—because while everyone loves a party, it’s great to mix in new activities to keep employees on their toes. And unlike an elaborate party, these fun activities can be planned on short notice. (more…)

How to Effectively Deliver Four Difficult HR Conversations

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Nobody said working in Human Resources would be easy. We’re responsible for some heavy-duty tasks, such as discovering compatible new talent, developing a benefits package that breeds company loyalty, dealing with grievances and performance issues, and delivering news employees dread hearing. Yes, as HR professionals, we signed up for the tough stuff, and that sometimes means heralding bad tidings. (more…)

What You Need to Know About PTO

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It may come as a surprise to learn that employers are not legally required to provide paid time off (PTO).  That’s right—nothing in federal or state law requires employers to give paid leave time to workers.  In fact, about a quarter of American employees work without paid vacation, holidays, or sick leave.  PTO is extended solely at the discretion of an employer, as long as the policy is applied without discrimination. (more…)

Failure? Yes, Please!

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If you failed at something today, give yourself a pat on the back.  Go on.  We’ll wait.

Don’t give us that quizzical look!  “But failure is bad, right…?” you ask.  Our answer: absolutely not.

You see, failure can be an important step on the road to success.  Think of a baby who tries to stand, only to fall down again and again.  Every time he tries, he adjusts his stance and balance, until voila!—he’s standing. (more…)

Are New Employee Orientations Necessary Torture?

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Think back to your last new employee orientation—not one you gave, one you actually had to sit through as a new employee.  Remember that special blend of bored, overwhelmed, and anxious that you felt while stuffed in that conference room?  Maybe you were alone or with a small group of newbies under the careful attention of a Human Resources representative.  By careful attention, we mean a ton of information throwing—breaks, leave time, employee benefits, dress code, mission statements, org charts—do this, learn that.  You name it, they covered it.  You might have even been subjected to a sexual harassment video wherein someone used the term “hot pants.”  All the while, there you were, praying to the new employee gods that there wouldn’t be a quiz. (more…)

Personal Cell Phone Calls and the Workplace

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Would you relay the gory details of your podiatrist appointment to a room full of your coworkers?  We didn’t think so.  But what you may not realize is you’re doing just that on your loud cell phone call with your mother—and your coworkers don’t like hearing about your feet. (more…)