The ABCs of Managing Different Personalities

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The person who always has an idea. The person who shouts when they’re excited. The person who wants to lead every meeting.

Your office is a melting pot! Each person thinks, acts, and interacts with others through a predictable set of personality traits: you know them as personality types A, B, and C. Social nature, temperament, and even the jobs people enjoy all fit under these personality profiles. Managers and HR professionals who understand these personality types can adapt strategies for recruitment, management style, motivation, and job assignments, that make the most of their human resources.

To get started, let’s look at the three personality types, how to best manage them, and examples of roles well suited to each. (more…)

Space-Age Time Management Skills

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You would think by 2017, we’d have super-smart robots doing our work for us, like in The Jetsons or WALL-E. But while we wait for technology to catch up with our dreams, we must wrangle our own work. That means we have only 24 precious hours to complete all our daily tasks—a tall order when you feel like you’re aimlessly swirling in a whirlwind of activity. If you’re always busy but never shortening the to-do list, improving your time-management skills can be just the thing. (more…)

5 Tips to Become More Efficient

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Do you end the day wondering where your time went? If your pile of projects never seems to get any smaller, you might not be channeling your efforts efficiently. And we get it—it’s easy to get absorbed in the daily grind, to take on too much, and to get distracted. But there’s hope! Try following these five tips to increase your efficiency and take back your workday. (more…)

Four Tips to Stay Motivated When Working From Home

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You’re lucky to have a job that lets you work from home! You’re independent—free from your prying boss and that coworker who plays “Despacito” on repeat. You’re still accountable to someone, but you choose when and how you get your work done. You can even work from the couch in your jammies! But if you want to stay motivated and make the most of your work hours, as this blog will share . . . get yourself an office and some real clothes. (more…)

How to Put Off Procrastination

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We all do it—divert our attention to places it doesn’t need to be, like when we click through Aunt Sherry’s vacation photos instead of answer that email from Jeff in Finance. Sometimes we put entire projects in front of more important tasks, simply to avoid something difficult or unpleasant. Yes, we all procrastinate. But how we manage our procrastinating ways will determine our success! (more…)

5 Reasons to Shop for a New Boss

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If your boss gives you encouragement, advice, recognition, and constructive feedback delivered without judgment—stay in your job forever, because you’ve found a gem! But seriously, lucky is the employee who gets along with and works well with their boss; not all bosses have such great (or even good) management skills. Things can get tough quickly when you report to one of those not-so-great bosses. The trick is to spot the collection of not-so-great traits, realize they’re unlikely to change, and ask yourself whether they are traits you can live with or if it’s time to shop for a new boss. (more…)

5 Work Habits That Can Hurt Your Reputation

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Fair or not, other people’s perception of you shapes your chances for success and advancement at work. Of course you want to present the image of yourself that shows the most potential! Problem is, you might be hurting your potential for success without even realizing it. (more…)

So You Think You Can Quit: 5 People to Talk to First

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You’ve made up your mind—you’re going to quit your job, saddle up, and ride for greener pastures. Whoa, there! Where are you going? How will you get there? And is going even the best plan? Before you head for the sunset, consult these five important figures in your life, who can offer tips for making your most positive career move, which may mean not moving at all. (more…)

How to Artfully Decline Extra Work

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In our recent YES! Your Human Resources Solution blog 4 Ways to Improve Your Work-Life Balance, we talked about the importance of declining work to stay within your ideal work-life balance. You can also say no to more work if the assignment will pull you away from your regular duties—or if you’re just tired of being the office dumping ground. (more…)

How to Survive Your Bad Boss

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Whether your boss is a micromanager, wants to be your best friend, or is just totally inept, quitting doesn’t have to be the only way out—especially if you like everything else about your job. See, you probably didn’t know that a bad boss provides opportunities for you to grow your own leadership skills, both on how to manage yourself and how to manage others. Silver lining! Who knew? (more…)