How to Build More Efficient HR

Posted by Kathi Guiney on September 5, 2017, HR Audit | No Comments

You hire, you fire, you hear grievances, and put on what feels like 83-hour harassment trainings. Or at least that’s all anyone thinks you do. But we in the industry know Human Resources is so much more than these high-profile activities! There are policies to write, practices to follow, and strategies to implement, all while juggling ever-changing employment regulations. With everything you have to do, do you know if your company’s HR approach is streamlined for your business’s objectives, or if it is even compliant with the latest employment law?

Hint: If you took a pause there, a Human Resources audit can help you be sure.

A Human Resources audit is an objective look at the HR policies, practices, and strategies you made between all that hiring and firing. The audit takes a close and comprehensive look at your company’s relationship with its employees, including:

Hiring Practices Performance Measurement & Evaluation Roles & Head Count
Orientation & Training Professional Development Termination Practices
Personnel Policies Organizational Development Recordkeeping
Compensation & Benefits Employee Discipline Legal Compliance

An unbiased Human Resources audit examines how all these factors work in your company. Audit findings are used to determine the current state of your company’s HR, especially anything ineffective or noncompliant. And what’s better than identifying the problem? Getting results! You’ll get direction specifically tailored to your business’s needs: developing strategies that protect the company, establishing best practices, and identifying opportunities to streamline and modernize your Human Resources services. Streamlined Human Resources operations can work wonders for your company’s bottom line!

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