The Sound of Silence

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September 2017’s Orange County Business Journal features the latest YES! article, which discusses the role of earbuds in the office.

You’re seeing them more lately, especially in your millennial coworkers: earbuds. Maybe you wear them yourself! In one ear or two, whether “in the zone” or “needing some space,” earbuds send the same message: Off limits. Do not disturb. Thanks, but no thanks. Do the benefits of earbuds outweigh their potentially career-damaging consequences?

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The ABCs of Managing Different Personalities

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The person who always has an idea. The person who shouts when they’re excited. The person who wants to lead every meeting.

Your office is a melting pot! Each person thinks, acts, and interacts with others through a predictable set of personality traits: you know them as personality types A, B, and C. Social nature, temperament, and even the jobs people enjoy all fit under these personality profiles. Managers and HR professionals who understand these personality types can adapt strategies for recruitment, management style, motivation, and job assignments, that make the most of their human resources.

To get started, let’s look at the three personality types, how to best manage them, and examples of roles well suited to each. (more…)

Space-Age Time Management Skills

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You would think by 2017, we’d have super-smart robots doing our work for us, like in The Jetsons or WALL-E. But while we wait for technology to catch up with our dreams, we must wrangle our own work. That means we have only 24 precious hours to complete all our daily tasks—a tall order when you feel like you’re aimlessly swirling in a whirlwind of activity. If you’re always busy but never shortening the to-do list, improving your time-management skills can be just the thing. (more…)

5 Tips to Become More Efficient

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Do you end the day wondering where your time went? If your pile of projects never seems to get any smaller, you might not be channeling your efforts efficiently. And we get it—it’s easy to get absorbed in the daily grind, to take on too much, and to get distracted. But there’s hope! Try following these five tips to increase your efficiency and take back your workday. (more…)

How to Build More Efficient HR

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You hire, you fire, you hear grievances, and put on what feels like 83-hour harassment trainings. Or at least that’s all anyone thinks you do. But we in the industry know Human Resources is so much more than these high-profile activities! There are policies to write, practices to follow, and strategies to implement, all while juggling ever-changing employment regulations. With everything you have to do, do you know if your company’s HR approach is streamlined for your business’s objectives, or if it is even compliant with the latest employment law? (more…)

Employees Versus Independent Contractors: Can You Spot the Difference?

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This Labor Day week, let’s look at employee classifications to make sure we’re doing right by our company’s most valued human resources.

Employee misclassification is a costly and common mistake—as many as 30 percent of companies (even big ones!) misclassify employees as independent contractors. It’s tempting to classify contractors over employees; savings in social security and unemployment taxes, benefits, and overtime can shave up to 40 percent off of labor costs. But if the IRS or the Department of Labor decides these contractors are actually employees, that “savings” will come with a side of fines and back taxes and pay, as Uber and FedEx recently discovered to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. (more…)

Busting 5 Myths That Weaken Your Resume

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In the last YES! Your Human Resources Solution blog, we talked about lies you should never tell on your resume. This week, we’ll move from telling resume lies to following resume myths—resume “rules” job-seekers follow that aren’t really rules at all, or at least, they aren’t anymore. (more…)

Why You Shouldn’t Tell These Lies on Your Resume

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If you’re tempted to fib on your resume to get ahead of the candidate pool, think again! According to CareerBuilder, more than half of hiring managers have discovered a lie on a resume. All it takes is one question to call out a lie! And you don’t have to tell a whopper—like winning a Nobel Prize or attending a college that doesn’t exist—to ruin your reputation. (more…)

Four Tips to Stay Motivated When Working From Home

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You’re lucky to have a job that lets you work from home! You’re independent—free from your prying boss and that coworker who plays “Despacito” on repeat. You’re still accountable to someone, but you choose when and how you get your work done. You can even work from the couch in your jammies! But if you want to stay motivated and make the most of your work hours, as this blog will share . . . get yourself an office and some real clothes. (more…)

Writing Your Cinderella-Story Thank You Note

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Interviewing is a lot like the Cinderella story. You get all dressed up, go to the big event, dance your finest, and hope the shoe fits at the end. You want to make a regal impression on your interviewers, but instead of leaving a tiny glass slipper, you want to leave a thank you note, perfectly crafted and unique to you. How can you write a note worthy of a royal chase? (more…)