Four Tips to Stay Motivated When Working From Home

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You’re lucky to have a job that lets you work from home! You’re independent—free from your prying boss and that coworker who plays “Despacito” on repeat. You’re still accountable to someone, but you choose when and how you get your work done. You can even work from the couch in your jammies! But if you want to stay motivated and make the most of your work hours, as this blog will share . . . get yourself an office and some real clothes. (more…)

Writing Your Cinderella-Story Thank You Note

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Interviewing is a lot like the Cinderella story. You get all dressed up, go to the big event, dance your finest, and hope the shoe fits at the end. You want to make a regal impression on your interviewers, but instead of leaving a tiny glass slipper, you want to leave a thank you note, perfectly crafted and unique to you. How can you write a note worthy of a royal chase? (more…)

How to Put Off Procrastination

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We all do it—divert our attention to places it doesn’t need to be, like when we click through Aunt Sherry’s vacation photos instead of answer that email from Jeff in Finance. Sometimes we put entire projects in front of more important tasks, simply to avoid something difficult or unpleasant. Yes, we all procrastinate. But how we manage our procrastinating ways will determine our success! (more…)

5 Reasons to Shop for a New Boss

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If your boss gives you encouragement, advice, recognition, and constructive feedback delivered without judgment—stay in your job forever, because you’ve found a gem! But seriously, lucky is the employee who gets along with and works well with their boss; not all bosses have such great (or even good) management skills. Things can get tough quickly when you report to one of those not-so-great bosses. The trick is to spot the collection of not-so-great traits, realize they’re unlikely to change, and ask yourself whether they are traits you can live with or if it’s time to shop for a new boss. (more…)

5 Work Habits That Can Hurt Your Reputation

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Fair or not, other people’s perception of you shapes your chances for success and advancement at work. Of course you want to present the image of yourself that shows the most potential! Problem is, you might be hurting your potential for success without even realizing it. (more…)

How to Host a Memorable Company Event

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With the Fourth of July coming up, you may have “celebration” on the brain—you may even work for one of those companies that has its annual picnic right about now. Maybe you’re busy thinking up your big summer blowout or even making reservations for your office holiday party. Whatever your company’s next event, if you’re in charge of putting it together, how can you bring the fireworks and make sure everyone has fun? (more…)

Beat June Gloom–Stay Home!

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June 2017’s Orange County Business Journal features the latest YES! article, which offers tips for beating work’s  pre–summer vacation grays.

June Gloom is more than cloudy skies. It’s that feeling you get when the kids are out of school but you’re still working, the surf is up but you’re stuck in the office, and that sassy summer outfit beckons but it still has its tags on. Yup, it’s the pre–summer vacation grays. The good news is, you can get away without scheduling a grandiose getaway. How?

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So You Think You Can Quit: 5 People to Talk to First

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You’ve made up your mind—you’re going to quit your job, saddle up, and ride for greener pastures. Whoa, there! Where are you going? How will you get there? And is going even the best plan? Before you head for the sunset, consult these five important figures in your life, who can offer tips for making your most positive career move, which may mean not moving at all. (more…)

How to Manage an Unhappy Employee

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Whether you’ve noticed the signs or they’ve flat out told you, you have an unhappy employee—and if you don’t adequately address their unhappiness, that employee will soon be reaching for the door. And you’d hate to lose what, with a little TLC, could be a top performer. So what can you do to manage an unhappy employee? (more…)

How to Spot an Unhappy Employee

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You’ve had an inkling one of your employees hasn’t been happy at work. Maybe it was a comment, a look, or even a vibe, but the seed has been planted and you want to know more before scheduling a sit-down. This can be challenging, because while some employees shout their unhappiness from the rooftops, some work hard to conceal it. So what should you look for? (more…)