Four Tips to Stay Motivated When Working From Home

Posted by Kathi Guiney on August 9, 2017, Working Smarter | No Comments

You’re lucky to have a job that lets you work from home! You’re independent—free from your prying boss and that coworker who plays “Despacito” on repeat. You’re still accountable to someone, but you choose when and how you get your work done. You can even work from the couch in your jammies! But if you want to stay motivated and make the most of your work hours, as this blog will share . . . get yourself an office and some real clothes.

To stay motivated when working from home:

  1. Get dressed. You don’t need to shower or wear pants to work from home, but you’ll have a more purposeful start to your day if you do. Getting ready in the morning signals that your workday has begun. And this should become Step 1 when you . . .
  2. Establish a routine. Your brain loves a good routine! Little cues throughout your day (such as getting dressed) will tell your brain it’s time to work. And just like a traditional job, you should make those cues consistent—wake up at the same time, take a morning and afternoon rest break, and set a lunch hour. Making a schedule and sticking to it will make a huge difference in motivation and productivity.
  3. Dedicate an office space. It’s tempting to plunk down on the couch with your laptop and a DVR full of Game of Thrones. But it’s really hard to focus with so much life going on around you, especially if you share your space with partners/roommates/children. When you sit at a dedicated workspace, it tells your brain to shift into work gear, and with the right boundaries, it will also show your housemates that you should not be disturbed. It may also help to shake things up now and again (and combat work-from-home loneliness) by heading to Starbucks or a local coworking space.
  4. Organize your week. Because you don’t have a prying boss watching your workflow, it’s up to you to keep things going. Each Friday, lay out your plans for the coming week. How much time will you spend on each project and on which days? Which projects do you need to complete and which can you push? Solid organization will ensure you meet your deadlines and stay on task each day.

Working from home has some amazing benefits but also challenges! It’s tough to stay motivated and on task, especially when you have to muster the discipline on your own—office peer pressure won’t help you here. But if you follow the tips outlined above, we hope you’ll start on the path to a productive and rewarding work-from-home opportunity!

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