Every business is unique, and every business faces unique challenges as it grows and changes.  Your company will face them too!  But no matter the business, a solid Human Resources foundation is always an important factor in a successful organization.  That foundation should be based on best practices, and be flexible enough to fit the size and culture of your business, and to grow with you.


During periods of growth and change, the most solid HR foundation is one built by the collaboration of a Go-To HR resource, such as YES! Your Human Resources Solution, and the company’s existing HR resources.  Our team partners with senior management to identify opportunities, uncover solutions, and focus your team on meeting business goals.  At YES!, we craft programs to increase returns on your most critical investment: your workforce!


At the same time, our Go-To HR resource is available by phone, e-mail, and on site office visits to handle project work, employee relations, staffing, and workforce planning.  Project management is ongoing and often done off-site, making YES! Go-To HR a true model of flexible resourcing.


Our clients range from early-stage and start-up companies to established private, public, and nonprofit businesses.  Keep reading to see real-life examples of our team in action, and discover how your business can leverage the power of saying YES!



COMPANY ACQUISITIONS: An outsourcing services company needed to maintain its high level of customer care while quickly evaluating the skills and concerns of employees in offices acquired through acquisition.


YES! Solution: Obtained critical information from on-site, one-on-one and small-group staff meetings.  Developed outlines of employee duties and existing workflow, and identified local skill strengths and weaknesses compared to corporate office.  Used this information to recommend key individuals for retention and a communication strategy.



The incentive compensation at a health services company was becoming more of an entitlement than a motivator.  None of the numerous compensation plans were driving the desired results.


YES! Solution: Met with senior management to understand the current compensation plans and the company’s near-term and long-term goals.  Realigned the incentive compensation structure by reducing the number of programs, while introducing metrics to measure achievements and simplify the calculations.  Proposed recommendations and drafted a communication plan for the roll-out.



EMPLOYEE BENEFITS AND RECOGNITION PROGRAMS: A medical device company wasn't sure the money spent on benefits and recognition programs was appreciated or appropriate.


YES! Solution: Identified differentiators by surveying the local and regional business communities about commonly offered benefits and perks.  Proposed changes in benefit plans based on the results of a survey addressing employee needs.  Communicated to employees the actual value of the benefit plans offered by the company and the recent changes.



HR LEADERSHIP BUILDING: Recent organization changes and employee turnover depleted the HR staff at a medical services company.  The prospective HR manager needed help to prepare for this large leadership role.


YES! Solution: Prepared the HR manager for her new role by providing HR leadership support and mentoring through the YES! Go-To HR model. Offered guidance to the HR manager for resolving employee issues and developing HR-capabilities.



JOB DESCRIPTIONS: A multi-industry company reviewed its positions and discovered that its job descriptions were outdated and inconsistently formatted.  The company managers did not have the required skills to create effective job descriptions.


YES! Solution: Developed in-person and web-based training programs to teach management how to write effective job descriptions.  Provided easy-to-follow job description outlines and initiated a train-the-trainer program with the company’s HR team.




A consumer products distribution company suffered high turnover in its call center, and new hires struggled to learn the ropes.


YES! Solution: Reviewed sourcing and selection practices and designed an approach that included online behavioral assessment tools.  Expanded candidate pool using diverse and innovative sources.



WORKFORCE REDUCTION AND TRANSITION: A change in business direction at a manufacturing company required a workforce reduction and facility relocation—all without impacting production schedules.


YES! Solution: As interim HR leadership, managed the entire transition project, including staff-reduction timetables.  Ensured a high level of employee participation by implementing a 12-month communication plan and designing career support programs and incentives.



A VISION FOR THE FUTURE: A consumer product start-up company was growing fast, but without a clear and consistent corporate structure.  Employees couldn’t see the bright future at the end of this darkened tunnel.


YES! Solution: Met with the CEO and senior management to develop a clear vision of the company’s future.  Prepared for growth by analyzing business needs and designing a corporate structure which included key leadership hires, a strong HR foundation, and clear job descriptions for all employees.

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